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With an eye for art and design from a very early age, it was not until hitting her 40th birthday that Elissar Hajj started her journey as an artist. Her exposure in the banking industry during her corporate career to the largest art collections in the Middle East and her tremendous travels led to growing her passion for art and ceramics.

As an artist, in her 10th year in this domain, Elissar has been experiencing various forms of art, while pursuing a Fine Arts degree at the Lebanese University to deepen her knowledge and artistic skills while regularly attending private tutoring classes to date.

Elissar participated in several collective art exhibitions at La Maison des Artistes and several other exhibitions. She has been exhibiting in its recently inaugurated gallery since December. She held her first solo exhibition at the Lebanese University in July 2019 with her ‘Know_No_Limits” series on Women Empowerment.

Elissar is equally the founder of Sierramics Atelier, an art space for immersive art in clay and sculptures.

Elissar equally leads a corporate life. She is a thought leader, Consultant, Transformational Leadership Expert and Marketing and Communications Influencer with more than 25 years of experience in developing strategic integrated marketing communications to leading private sector institutions in the Middle East as well as the public sector in Lebanon. She is the Founder of Comma Hub, a 360 degrees Marketing and Communications Boutique Agency. In the last decade, she became significantly involved in supporting Youth Education and Development, NGOs, Start Ups, Scale Ups and SMEs by dedicating a large part of her time to devising strategies and plans that allow the education and ecosystem and their players to thrive in globalized economies. 

Elissar is equally a university lecturer and public speaker, as well as a sought after trainer and leadership facilitator across the region and in international markets. She holds an MA in Public Administration from AUB, an MBA from LAU and a BA of Fine Arts from the Lebanese University.


I try through my art to express my personal belief about human nature and the ability of people to exceed their own expectations and grow beyond their own limits. I use various media and techniques to portray my beliefs and I tend to experiment with material and in creativity to connect art and make it accessible to as many people as possible.


Find Elissar Hajj on:

+961 78 848 806

Achrafieh, Saint Nicholas St., facing the church

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