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A wide variety of emerging and well-known contemporary artists are displaying their works at the contemporary art gallery "Escape" in Beirut Achrafieh. The gallery, which launched activity on the 27th of December 2022, features unique pieces that reflect various philosophies and techniques. The works are the result of different media like collages, sculptures, installations, and photography. In addition to figurative, abstract, and landscape paintings. All of which reflect modernism and authenticity.

The artworks exhibited have vibrant colours and brisk themes with powerful compositions influenced by the artisans' moods and cultural vision. All of the creations come together to create a harmonious atmosphere that thrives with positive vibes and energy.

Escape's founding curator, Sana Jaber, is a Lebanese contemporary artist who earned a degree in Fine Arts from the Lebanese University. Jaber previously exhibited in several local and international exhibitions.

Escape aims to become an inspiring environment that introduces new talents to the world. The gallery believes that young and emerging artists are worthy of joining Beirut's cultural scenes.

As a part of its creative strategy, Escape Gallery seeks to collaborate with a range of emerging and established Lebanese artists either in Lebanon or abroad. To this date, the gallery has shown the works of several artists.

Escape schedules to resume activity with an upcoming group and solo exhibitions for this year. The gallery's purpose is to strengthen the connection between artists, their audience, and art. That's why it is promising to host workshops and cultural events to which art appreciators will have open invitations.


+961 78 848 806


Achrafieh, Saint Nicholas St., facing the church

Opening Hours
Opening hours

Mon to Fri:   12 pm -  6 pm
Sat and Sun: Closed
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