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Adel Koudaih is a renowned contemporary artist known for his innovative experience in all aspects of the Fine art, sculpting, and design industry. Born in 1947, in Nabatieh, Koudaih displayed a deep passion for art from a young age. His artistic journey began with sketches and paintings that captured the beauty of his surroundings, inspired by nature's colors and textures.

Adel achieved a DES in Fine arts at the Lebanese University and got his BA in History as well. He, later on, moved to France and got his DEA and Ph.D. in fine arts at the University of Paris VIII in Saint Denise. He spent 30 years working as a professor of fine arts and managed to implant art with more than 1000 professionally completed art pieces.

He was a member of multiple societies and participated in a number of exhibitions. He also collaborated in group exhibitions in Beirut, Paris, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Damascus, Bahrain, etc. Adel wrote plenty of articles some of which were for Dirasat Moaasira magazine, FIKR magazine, Dar al Nahar, and AL NOQTA.


• 2000-2007 Member of the international society of fine arts (AIAP).

• 1972-2013 Member of the Lebanese fine artist association.

• 2002-2007 President of the Lebanese art and sculpture association.

• 1997-2000 Member of the “Modern Experiments” group.

• 2013 - Ourjuwan gallery, the lyrics expression, Beirut-Lebanon.

• 2012 – UNESCO palace, the actual expression, Beirut-Lebanon.

• 2010 – UNESCO palace, sadness amazedness happiness, Beirut-Lebanon 2008 – FATEH MOUDARESS exhibition, Damascus-Syria.

• 2006 - House Lounge Artist “I comme Inass, L comme Lyan” association of Lebanese fine artists. 2004 – Hall of culture and art – doctors Syndicate – Beirut-Lebanon.

• 1999 – Station Des Arts, Beirut-Lebanon.

• 1999 – Plaza Club Broummana-Lebanon.

• 1998 – Station Des Arts, Beirut-Lebanon.

• 1996 – Station Des Arts, Beirut-Lebanon .

• 1994 – Station Des Arts, Bierut-Lebanon.

• 1992 – Dar al Nadwa, Hamra-Lebanon.

• 1990 – Centre D acueil aux etudiants au proche d orient, Paris-France.

• 1988 – League of the Arab states, Paris-France.

• 1979 – Lebanese fine artists association, Beirut-Lebanon.

• 1972 – Club Lounge Beaufort – Nabatieh, Lebanon.


• 1972-2013 – I have collaborated in a lot of group exhibition, international and local, listing some of them: Biennial ASIA -BENGLADESH, biennial Tehran-IRAN, biennial Alexandria-EGYPT, Biennial MALTA, Biennial Cairo-EGYPT, Biennial al SHARQAH-UAE etc.


• 2009- article” The identity problem and her reflection on the modern art in Lebanon”- Dirasat Moaasira magazine. 

• 2009- article “Violence reflection on the modern art in Lebanon”- Dirasat Moaasira magazine.

• 2004- article “art crises in Lebanon betwen the local and international crises”- FIKR  magazine.

• 2007-2005 series of articles Titled Lebanese artists- the educational magazine 2006- Book “I comme Inass, L comme Lyan” with Mr. Nasri Sayegh. Dar al Nahar  2000-2002 play and discover, The educational centre for research and development 1998 Teacher guide for the intermediate stage- fine art, The educational centre for  research and development.

• 1996 art education, educational center for research and devolpment.

• 1996 Calligraphy and ornamentation- fine art,C.R.D.P. 

• 1995 open memory, a study on the mural open memory, AL NOQTA magazine 1993 The impact of the computer on the fine arts. Nidaa al watan News paper 1990 About The beauty of Arabic calligraphy, alwihda magazine- Rabat-Morocco 1988 The visual dimension of Arabic calligraphy and its impact on contemporary arab  photography, Paris-France.

• 1984 The visual dimension of Arabic calligraphy, Paris-France.


• 2007- Jury member at the institute of fine arts, fin art department-Lebanese University.

2007- Jury member at the second international biennial of children, the ministry of  culture.

2007- Member at the international committee of arbitration in the first Saudi international  exhibition-Riyadh.

• 2007- Member of the coordination committee to modernize the educational curriculum in  the first episode of basic education. 

• 2007-1997- Coordinator of the committee modernizing the curricula materials of  arts(fine arts-Music-theatre) in public education pre-university in Lebanon. 2007-2005- Member of the jury “Autumn Fair” Sursok museum.

• 2005- Chairperson of the jury “Biennial children first” ministry of culture Lebanon 2005- Member of the jury “Insights and creativity Gallery” Muscat-Oman 2006- Member of the Jury “Department of fine arts” Lebanese University 1993-2001-Member of the jury “The role of teacher in fine arts” ministry of culture  Lebanon.

• 2005- Training Seminar “ The continuous Training “ CIEP, Paris-France.


Find Adel Koudaih on:

+961 78 848 806

Achrafieh, Saint Nicholas St., facing the church

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