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Ali Zeineddine is a contemporary painter known for his vibrant abstract compositions that explore the intersection of nature, emotion, and memory.

Born in South, Lebanon, Ali showed an early interest in art, spending much of his childhood sketching and painting scenes from his surroundings. He pursued formal art education at the School of Fine Arts in Beirut, where he developed his skills in various mediums.

Zeineddine work has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions across Lebanon as well as abroad, including: 2 Solo Exhibitions Unisco Palace, Beirut Gallery Exode Achrafieh, Beirut Tourism Hall, Hamra, Beirut Hotel Rotana, Dubai

Ali's paintings are characterized by bold, gestural brushstrokes and a vibrant color palette inspired by the natural world. He often incorporates elements of abstraction to evoke mood and emotion, inviting viewers to interpret his work on a personal level. He is inspired by a diverse range of sources, including the works of masters, as well as contemporary artists.

As an artist his painting is a form of personal expression and a means of connecting with others on a deeper level. He is motivated by a desire to capture fleeting moments of beauty and emotion, inviting viewers to experience the world through his eyes.

Find Ali Zeineddine on:

+961 78 848 806

Achrafieh, Saint Nicholas St., facing the church

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