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Ayoub Bitar is a Lebanese artist with a passion for the visual arts. He began his career as a street photographer before exploring experimental photography and later, fashion photography and still life photography. In addition to his photography work, Bitar has also ventured into the world of filmmaking.

Bitar's work is characterized by his unique approach to visual storytelling, utilizing experimental techniques and striking visuals to create powerful and thought-provoking works of art. His fashion photography is a testament to his artistic vision, with each image telling a story and capturing the essence of his subjects.

In his films, Bitar continues his exploration of complex themes and emotions, delving into the depths of the human condition and challenging his audience to confront their own understanding of the world. His use of visual metaphors and powerful imagery creates deeply moving and emotionally resonant works of art.

In addition to his film work, Bitar has also explored the world of still life photography, creating stunning images that showcase the beauty and complexity of everyday objects. His still life photography is a testament to his ability to find beauty in the mundane, transforming everyday objects into works of art through his use of lighting and composition.


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Find Ayoub Bitar on:

+961 78 848 806

Achrafieh, Saint Nicholas St., facing the church

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