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Born on June 21 1995, in Bsharri north Lebanon the place I was raised and educated in. Moved to Beirut in 2015, studied in Fine Arts at the Lebanese University, Faculty of Fine Arts branch II, Took my Bachelor in 2018 and did one year of masters. With seven years of experience participating in exhibitions and art direction and in scenography.


• Exhibition, Fine Print, Petra Serhal, Beirut Art Centre, June 2022

• Art Performance, Suspended Between the Second & the Third Kiss, Bremen Germany, Schwankhale Theatre, Aug 2021

• Collective Exhibition, Gebran Khalil Gebran’s annual collective Exhibition, 6 Paintings in the exhibition, May 2019

• Art Performance, TOYOTA 89, Hangar OMAM, Aug 2019

• Two-person Exhibition, Sculpting with Nasri Tawk, Maronite Patriarchs Garden, Summer 2018, 2019

• Solo Exhibition, Installation art, Timber Memorial, Nervesa della Bataglia Italy, July 2016

• Solo Exhibition, Installation art, Timber Memorial part 2, Quadisha Valley, Aug 2016


Art is way of expressing oneself, A self is a long process of evolution, adaptation, self-reflection and being present. I am in myself a human that longs for what comes in oneself, I like to observe life, and it is my source of inspiration. For me art has always something to say, a feeling to express and an opinion that might have an impact. I like to experience sculpting in many different materials as it is interrelated to the subject, for me, material and subject are in a bond. My ultimate subject that I am always passionate to work on is “relationship”, any relation between humans with each other, planets with each other and with humans, humans with nature, nature altogether…

In this sculpture, I delve with a bond between Beirut city and its habitats as one after the explosion, sharing destruction and resilience. Using plaster, the material used for recovering broken bones is an interrelations between destruction and resilience.


Find Daniel George Al-Choueiry on:

+961 78 848 806

Achrafieh, Saint Nicholas St., facing the church

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