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Iman Toufaily is a multidisciplinary artist with a Master’s degree in Plastic Arts from the Lebanese University.

She works across various mediums with a major interest in painting, mixed media and collage. Her main themes are researching contemporary ways in expressing a very personal experience among the current dramatic changes of the world.

Her work has been exhibited in many spaces both locally and internationally and her artworks have been part of many prestigious collections.


• Escape Gallery: The Art of Escape Exhibition(Beirut, Lebanon - December 2022)

• FormeFemine Online Gallery: Interconnected Exhibition (Berlin & Lagos - August 2022)

• Bloom Gallery: “Levant\e” Exhibition (Valencia, Spain – June 2022)

• Zico House: ”Parallel Realms” Exhibition (Beirut, Lebanon – February 2022)

• Bloom Gallery: “Nexus” Online Exhibition (Valencia, Spain – January 2022)


Winner: Won first place at the “International Women's Day Art Competition” by the UNDP in partnership with the government of Canada. (March 2022)

Participant: Appreciation award for participation in the first Arab artists forum titled “Beirut Brings Us” – بیروت تجمعنا"” held at the UNESCO Regional Bureau for Education in Beirut. (July 2022)

Find Iman Toufaily on:

+961 78 848 806

Achrafieh, Saint Nicholas St., facing the church

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