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Jihan Hajj, a Beirut-born Interior Designer with a lifelong passion for art and creative expression. Her journey in the realm of art began in childhood and has seamlessly integrated into her professional career.

With over seven years of expertise as a versatile Resin Artist, specializing in Resin, Acrylic, and mixed media, she has also honed my skills as a designer. Her focus lies in crafting unique, emotive, and aesthetically captivating works that enhance spaces to meet the precise requirements of her clientele.

Jinan Showed her art in prestigious exhibitions, holding a solo exhibition in Beirut and participating in renowned events like the World Art Dubai and Arab Art Fair held in Beirut . These experiences have enriched her artistic journey, fueling her dedication to delivering exceptional artistry and meeting the highest standards of my clients' expectations.

"My portfolio boasts a diverse range of offerings, including distinctive wall art, sophisticated home accessories, bespoke Arabic calligraphy in stainless steel, and more. Each creation is personalized, embracing varied designs and color palettes tailored to individual preferences".

Find Jihan Hajj on:

+961 78 848 806

Achrafieh, Saint Nicholas St., facing the church

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