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Marwa YLHAMANE – مروى إيلهمان (b. 1996 Casablanca, Morocco) is a figurative painter. She studied Applied Arts in Morocco before moving to Lebanon, where she graduated from the Lebanese University with both a BA and MA in Fine Arts. In 2021, she obtained a diploma in sculpture and antiquities restoration from the World Monuments Fund, YLHAMANE was the recipient of a grant from the Art Print Center in Beirut in 2020.


• 2019 collective Exhibition Association NAWAT, Beirut.

• 2019 collective Exhibition (Spring 2) Community of Lebanese artists

• 2018 collective Exhibition with Faculty of fine arts at Lebanese University, Beirut


YLHAMANE's works take the direction of realistic, contemporary expressive art. Her subjects and interests deal with human beings and how they suffer from mental illnesses and social problems. She also cares about the expressions and inner recesses of the human being.

YLHAMANE focuses on memory in her works, which is a result of being affected by the social environment. The period of her stay in Lebanon witnessed the collapse that occurred in all living facilities. Most of her works talk about psychological trauma, and she depicts the reflection of mental illnesses on the human condition, both physically and mentally.

She tends to draw unfamiliar body expressions and postures and chooses the people around her to draw directly. Most of her works are oil paintings on canvas and watercolors on cardboard.


Find Marwa Ylhamane on:

+961 78 848 806

Achrafieh, Saint Nicholas St., facing the church

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