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My journey started in a war-torn Beirut, Lebanon where I was born and raised. My curiosity towards a creative journey was strong from an early age and it was a standout passion for me; at only 17 years old I had completed my interior design degree and had some work experience in the field.

The next chapter of my life saw me spend 16 years on the African continent raising a family. My kids were my greatest art project as I took great joy in the process. I was a housewife for the duration of the time and my main focus was my household. It was in this chapter that I grew out of my shell alongside my kids and started to test my limits as an artist. I found myself fully embracing the utmost feminine qualities of nurture love and loyalty expressing towards my community. In this chapter I discovered the self. It was now time to leave my comfort zone and pursue a path of academia. I moved back to Lebanon and while being a full-time mother at the age of 35, I had the urge to pursue my passion and source of creativity. Ten years on, I have completed my pursuit of a fine arts degree and went on to surprise myself by completing my masters in fine arts with honors at the age of 45 at the Lebanese University. I have had the honor of displaying my artwork in national and international exhibitions.


• 2023 /Art Connects Women / ZeeArts Gallery/ Dubai, UAE

• 2022 Arab Art Fair / Yacht Club - Zaytuna Bay- Lebanon

• 2022 Bodrum International Art Fair/ Bodrum - Turkey

• 2022 National Day of Fine Arts / Unesco Palace /Beirut -Lebanon

• 2021 Aid for Lebanon/ Chance association - online Auction for Cancer patients

• 2021 Batroun International Festival /Batroun Art Fair/ Lebanon

• 2020 Perceptions Warehouse /London, United Kingdom /0Online Platform

• 2019 Live painting/ Lebanese Artists Association /Martyr's Square -Beirut

• 2018 Tout Gallery Exhibition / Beirut – Lebanon

• 2017 Lebanese University Art Exhibition

• 2016 Arabic Arts Exhibition /The Other Face/Toronto -Canada

• 2014 Lebanese University Art Exhibition

• 2013 Visual Art Forum IV/ Lebanese Contemporary Art - Unesco Palace Beirut/ Lebanese Artists Association- Painters and Sculptors


Over the years my art began to find its purpose and identity molding itself on its own. I started to feel like I was part of a higher purpose. My art began to show itself as a beacon for divine feminine energy helping me locate a voice and purpose for women too caught up with their feminine traits of selflessness, nurture and care; they often forget to search within.

My artwork is a manifestation of the divine feminine role in different stages of evolution. The evolution starts with understanding to survive in the early stage; followed by an introduction to nurture and love to discover one's frequency. Subsequently arriving to courage and strength to go within to find a deep-rooted connection towards the mother of life.


Find Maysaa Kassir on:

+961 78 848 806

Achrafieh, Saint Nicholas St., facing the church

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