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Realistic with shades of optimism. I have a good grip and a natural inclination to view all sides of an issue from an objective stance. Understanding what can and cannot be done is practical and keeps my feet on the ground. Born in 1984, in Byblos, Lebanon. My talent did not develop till early 2019. I believe that being an artist is something you are born to do and not learn at school. My journey began with self-taught, hands-on experiences to explore new prospects and broaden my horizons.


• 2022 Fadi Elchamaa - Hey You, Lebanon

• 2022 Unesco Palace, Lebanon

• 2022 Arab Art Fair, Lebanon

• 2022 WACI Competition Season 3, Lebanon


Studying business and working in its relative fields for more than 10 years, never does or will fulfill my passion or ambition. Spending quality time by myself can spark inspiration for my next big project. I prefer to create in the solitude of my studio, inspiration struck later in my life, but I am excited to see where this journey leads.

Find Naja Kerellos on:

+961 78 848 806

Achrafieh, Saint Nicholas St., facing the church

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