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Tony Mhanna was born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1993 and graduated as a Mechanical engineer. He is an explorer, photographer, and a visual artist. He harbors a keen interest in design, shapes, paintings, history, and architecture.

Since 2014, Mhanna has shown his eagerness for photography. In his photographs, Mhanna showcases daily life scenes and societal complication. He creates diverse setups that, through his unique twist, fit into contemporary art and the modern world.

Mhanna’s distinctive artwork themes revolve around evolution, rebirth, and change. He also focuses on experimenting with space, natural colors, and atmosphere. His photographs exude a sense of harmony, energy, life, and positivity, and pleasantness.

“WRAITH “witnessed the light in 2019, a first ever exhibition by Tony Mhanna that took part of Beirut Art week 2019. His artwork "WRAITH" won the BEIRUT ART FAIR 2020 competition. It has also been featured in other reputable exhibitions in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates. In 2023, Mhanna’s first solo exhibition took place on September 8th. This exhibition showcased Mhanna’s inaugural art installation, seamlessly integrating the realms of art and engineering.

Tony currently resides in Beirut, Lebanon.

Tony participated in several local and international exhibitions such as: 2019 - WRAITH - BEIRUT ART FAIR, LE GREY, BEIRUT – LEBANON 2020 - WRAITH - BEIRUT ART FAIR 2020, Present - DACHAQ GALLERY, BEIRUT- LEBANON 2021 - ARTBOOTH, ABC - VERDUN, BEIRUT – LEBANON 2021 - ARTSCENE GALLERY, BEIRUT 2021 - 2023 MONO GALLERY, SAUDI ARABIA – RIYADH 2022 - ARTHAUS BEIRUT, BEIRUT – LEBANON 2022 - KARAZ EHDEN, EHDEN – LEBANON 8th of September 2023 - WRAITH, solo exhibition at MISSION ART, BEIRUT – LEBANON 2023, Present - SURSOCK MUSEUM STORE, BEIRUT - LEBANON

Find Tony Mhanna on:

+961 78 848 806

Achrafieh, Saint Nicholas St., facing the church

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