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Zahraa Raslan is a Lebanese artist, born in 1997. She went on to study at the Lebanese University where she obtained a master's degree in Fine Arts. Here, she enhanced her knowledge of art, as she participated in some exhibitions, especially in the Lebanese International Academic Sculpture Symposium 2017 and 2019.

In her paintings, she convey human, social and political issues in her own style with a high sense of emotion and expression. She think that those are the main topics that dominate her imagination. She has a special color palette she use oil paints and mixed media to get the texture that helps her to express feelings. And many times she sees that because of the beauty of nature, she has to transfer it to a painting.

She mainly work in her atelier that located in Beirut conducting various art workshops and courses and currently she is also a member of the Lebanese fine art salon working on groups exhibitions.


• Lebanese International Sculpture Symposium summer 2017

• Lebanese University Fine Arts Exhibition 2019

• Lebanese International Sculpture Symposium summer 2019

• Ministry of Culture Exhibition “Lebanese Fine Arts” 2022

• Lebanese Fine Arts Salon Exhibition 2022

• The Art of Escape exhibition at Escape Gallery Beirut 2022


Art is a passion that can be consumed in a creative way that provides us with love and beauty.


Find Zahraa Reslan on:

+961 78 848 806

Achrafieh, Saint Nicholas St., facing the church

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